Gather 'Round

There is something about standing next to a warm crackling fire in the cold night air that is so comforting. Which is ironic because its never comfortable. Smoke billows in your face no matter where you stand, and if you get too close you start to burn but if you don't get close enough you freeze. And yet people (me included) love campfires! Somehow, despite the inconveniences, they bring people together. They create a time of story telling, and jokes that will likely be remembered years later. Campfires give us a stage to have some of our deepest most meaningful conversations. Sometimes with our closest friends and sometimes its where we meet new friends. They allow you to have the conversations that you wouldn't feel comfortable having in the every day routine. No matter how close you are to the people around you…a campfire can somehow strengthen every relationship and put tears in your eyes…from the smoke.