The Woods

The following is the mood of this photo and how it felt while I was there.

Queue the music - Nightcall by Kavinsky

I am 1,000 miles and another world away from home.  It's 5 in the morning and I have already been on the road for 2 hours.  The roads are damp and the woods are thick.  I am in the middle of the road, Deimos (my 1967 Ford Mustang; name taken from Greek mythology) is idling in anticipation.  The asphalt before me disappears up ahead as it weaves through the forrest.  The car and I are one.  My heart increases with the revs under acceleration.

I take off...wheels struggling for traction on the slick road. Shift up. Hard right, clipping the inside of the turn then accelerate out.  As I pick up speed on the straight, I look out the window to my left seeing mountains towering over the low hanging clouds.  Droplets are forming on the windshield as a drive through the thick fog.  On the right I pass a sign "werewolf crossing" I'm not surprised...this is the land of gods and monsters.  As I come out of a hard left turn, I see the silhouette of a vampire flying above in the moonlight.  Flying through the eerie forest I feel right at home and I can't shake the smile off my face.  We roar through the ominous landscape at dangerous speeds.  The backend slips on the slick pavement. I counter-steer and keep on the accelerator.  The castle in the distance looks abandoned as it is still to early.  After 45 minutes of dancing with the asphalt and the mountains I reach the start of my hike.  Pulling into the empty parking lot, grin still on my face, I kill the car.  As it ticks itself, cool I walk into the woods in search of the "Ice Caves".

Though fabricated (clearly) this was one of the eeriest / coolest drives and hikes I have ever been on.  The experience was made by the car and scenery then magnified by the music and weather.