The Mountains are Alive

"I'm sorry sir the only car we have available is the Mustang."

Not a bad thing to hear when you plan on going on a 9 hour drive starting at 3am with miscellaneous hikes scattered in.  So with a smile on my face I took the car and, as planned, at 3am the next morning I took off.  Within minutes I found myself flying down some of the best driving roads that Washington has to offer.  Pushing a car like this to its limits in the heart of the most spectacular scenery that the U.S. has to offer, put the biggest smile on my face.  The mountains felt alive to the sound of the car and my heart (even with no sleep) was beating like a drum.  On this trip I was alone...which is something I have grown to become comfortable with and its memories like this that remind me why sometimes it's healthy for me.  Driving as fast as I want...pulling the car over whenever I felt like it just made for an unforgettable experience.  That being said I think anyone would have appreciated the scenery.