The Ascent

"Fear is considered by most, as a natural instinct keeping them alive.  However, some  view it as an obstacle preventing them from truly living."

Here we see a couple people that, like myself, fall into the latter category.  The four of us (the two photographed, myself, and one other) work your typical 9-5 job, but we refuse to let that keep us from getting outside.  After work on a Friday in September, when the cables were "down", we headed to Yosemite National Park.  With a food and supply stop we ended up in the Valley at just before midnight where we met two of my college buddies.  After getting our gear together we hit the trail just after midnight with the goal of summiting before sunrise.

With nine miles ahead of us,  a temp of 12 degrees and a serious lack of sleep, we hit the trail.  In the darkness the scenery was less than spectacular but we could feel the mist of the falls and the thunderous noise of the water hitting rock surrounded us.  About 40 minutes before sunrise and completely exhausted we made it to the start of the cables.  Holes dotted the way up where the cables once stood and the cable draped down the rock like two strands of spaghetti.  Some of us felt the excitement others felt the fear but each of us was determined to reach the top.  After about an hour of taking it slow and overcoming the cold grip of fear that kept trying to take hold, we made it to the top. 

This was my 9th time to the top of the rock but it was the first time I had the view to myself and it was the first time I have ever done it with the cables "down".  The climb was definitely an experience in itself but the most exciting part was watching my friend shake off her fear of heights and make it to the top, where we all had some celebratory tea. (Wish it was beer)

Of all the photos I have taken, this is one of my all time favorites.  I look at this photo I will smile because of the story behind it and all the work/hardships we had to endure to make it happen.  It doesn't hurt that this is one of my favorite locations as well.